1. What is a Cookie?

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information that users download when they visit a website using their device (computer, tablet, or mobile phone). Cookies are designed to improve your user experience by allowing websites to "remember" your device without specifying who is using it. By associating an identifier in a Cookie with other customer information, for example, when you log on to a website, we learn that the Cookie information is about you.

2. What is the scope of UNK Cookies?

Cookies are commonly used for different purposes, for example, by tailoring a website to a user's browsing trajectory and user profile, allowing the user to efficiently navigate the web, understand the user's preferences, and thus improve their browsing experience in general. Cookies also help ensure that the ads that users see online are more relevant to their needs and interests.

3. How to manage your Cookies preferences?

At any time, you can choose to accept or reject the use of Cookies/pixel tags by changing your browser application settings. Most browser applications automatically accept Cookies, but you can set them to prompt and/or prevent the operator from accepting Cookies/pixel tags whenever it tries to send them to you. The Help section of most browser toolbars will tell you how to prevent Cookies from being accepted, how to have it notify you when you receive Cookies/pixel tags, or how to disable Cookies/pixel tags altogether.

4. Information sharing

We do not share the information collected through the use of Cookies and pixel tags with any third parties, except for our advertising agencies/suppliers and our IT service providers (e.g. hosting providers), and only for the purposes described above.

5. What Cookies do we use?

• Cookies are permanent, and their duration is not limited to one visit. They are used to record the personal preferences and activities of users within the website. In this case, when a user returns to our website, or visits a website that uses the same Cookies, the website reads the Cookies and recognizes the user's browser.

• First-party Cookies, which are provided by the website you visit (i.e. and can only be read by that website. For example, Cookies that the user adds to the products in the shopping cart are maintained during the user's browsing of the website. First-party Cookies may be session Cookies or persistent Cookies.

• Third-party Cookies, designed to collect data in an anonymous manner, such as analytical information, including browsing statistics. Other third-party Cookies are used to track visitors' feedback on our online promotions. This technology uses information about your visits to our websites and the third-party websites on which we advertise to push relevant advertisements to you. We also use this information to understand which ad positions attract users to our site.

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