Return Policy

I. Return and exchange services

1. Seven-day no-reason return and exchange service (within seven days from the date of receipt of goods, non-customized products with complete accessories and no impact on secondary sales can enjoy this service).

2. 30-day quality problem return and exchange service: Within 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods, if there is a quality problem of the product itself, it can be identified by the local quality supervision department-Jewelry and Jade Quality Inspection Center. If the test is a non-artificial quality problem, it can be returned unconditionally, and the test cost is borne by Treasure in the Clouds; If it is a man-made quality problem or a non-commodity quality problem, the cost of testing shall be borne by the customer.

3. Return and exchange service instructions: supporting packaging, quality assurance service card, invoice (if there is an invoice issued at the time of sale), product testing certificate.

II. After-sales service time

The maintenance service time is 20 working days, and the maintenance time of some products with complex processes will be extended. Please consult the customer service for details.

III. Renovation and maintenance services

1. Free after-sales service.

2. Paid after-sales maintenance:

1) 925 silver inlaid goods maintenance details

① Products (thickened and electroplated) with a weight of less than 10g: 80 yuan for polishing, electroplating and welding maintenance; ② 120 yuan for necklaces and bracelets with a weight of more than 10g.

2) Maintenance details of 18k gold inlaid goods:

If you need to change the ring number, the material and labor cost is 200 yuan (Note: within two ring numbers can be changed, beyond the ring number be changed).

3) Product stone filling

① The maintenance cost for the auxiliary stone and zircon is 80 yuan; ② The material cost for the main stone, diamond, ruby and sapphire, diamond, etc. shall be charged separately (the material cost shall be charged according to the actual situation, note: the unconventional stone shall not be repaired).

4. Description of charging items:

① Polishing: process and modify the products with obvious scratches, aging and loss of luster to restore their brightness.

② Shaping: restore the shape of the deformed product (depending on the specific situation, the product with serious deformation may not be completely restored to its original appearance).

③ Solid stones: professionally reinforce the loose gemstones of inlaid products to prevent the gemstones from falling off.

Electro-gold ④: The precious metal surface of jewelry is electroplated to make the surface of metal jewelry more beautiful and shiny.

⑤ welding: the precious metals of the jewelry are spliced at the broken parts by welding.

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