Jin Yuxi's Trip to Diexi: Feel the Charm of Jewelry Culture and Experience Unique Qiang Style


Chinese culture has a long history and Chinese civilization is extensive and profound. As an internationally influential Chinese female role model, a famous Chinese host, co-chairman of the Chinese American Association, and founder of the Yuxi brand, Ms. Jin Yuxi has always focused on integrating Chinese culture into products. This time, she came to Diexi Gem Town and started a journey of jewelry culture.

Yunshang Yue Gemstone Culture and Art Center

With the Qiang culture as the soul, exquisite jewelry as the carrier


The Yunshang Yue Gemstone Culture and Art Center with the theme of gemstones became the "protagonist" of this jewelry culture tour and won the favor of Ms. Jin Yuxi. Yunshang Yue jewelry brand is committed to creating high-quality exquisite jewelry, focusing on presenting the unique charm of Qiang culture to the world, which coincides with the brand concept of Yuxi.

The Qiang people originated from the ancient Qiang and are an ancient people in western China. They have their own unique cultural elements such as language, clothing, music and dance. Ms. Jin Yuxi participated in the Qiang red welcome ceremony of the Qiang people, visited the opening ceremony of the ancient Qiang city in China, and the Qiang Museum. These rich cultural heritage with ethnic characteristics deepened her understanding of the Qiang culture.

Inspired by Qiang culture, Yunshang Yue Jewelry integrates the core tone of new Chinese aesthetics, and creates exquisite jewelry with unique originality through exquisite craftsmanship and unique design. Carrying the mission of cultural heritage with jewelry, presenting the finishing touch of a better life for the public.


Jewelry Cultural Tourism Characteristic Town

In addition to the Gem Culture and Art Center, Ms. Jin Yuxi also visited the unique geological landscape of Diexi Haizi, experienced the primitive and simple Qiang ethnic customs, and experienced the natural scenery and unique charm of Diexi. Locals dressed in Qiang costumes stroll on the streets of the town. Their costumes are bright and beautiful, full of national characteristics, and the ancient buildings seem to tell a period of history.

In a corner of the small town of Dian Creek, she was deeply touched by an apple forest. Under the guidance of professionals, she experienced the planting of apple trees firsthand. It is hoped that this tree can become a link between Yuxi and Qiang culture, and also symbolizes the friendship and good wishes with Yunshang Yue.

This trip to the Creek is rich and colorful. She not only felt the cultural connotation and exquisite craftsmanship of Yunshang Yue jewelry, but also appreciated the natural scenery and unique charm of Diexi.

Let's look forward to more wonderful trips by Ms. Jin Yuxi in the future. We also welcome you to Diexi Gem Town to enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience the unique local culture.

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