Colored Gems-The Miracle of Color



The passionate ruby, as the birthstone of July, symbolizes nobility, love, and benevolence. It is called the king of colored gems. It is a gem of the Cancer constellation and a commemorative stone for the 40th anniversary of marriage.

The colorful sapphire, as the birthstone of September, symbolizes loyalty, constancy and eternity. It is a gem of Virgo constellation and a commemorative stone for the 45th anniversary of marriage.

Emerald, the king of emeralds, one of the four precious stones, symbolizes hope, happiness and the vitality of everything in spring.

Topaz is known as the "stone of friendship", representing sincere and persistent love, symbolizing friendship and happiness. It is also considered to be able to soothe people's hearts, stabilize emotions, not to make nightmares, and to be a talisman because of its soft magnetic field.

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