Yue on the Cloud & Yuhe Years, Inheriting the National Style and Fashion


Jewelry goes through time, does not change to shine brilliantly, for the times to burn beautiful. Gems and jade are the treasures of the earth, but each has a unique charm. One is the lively and gorgeous fashion representative of Yunshang Yue, and the other is the Chinese treasure with full charm of Yuhe's time. When the two meet, what kind of spark will they collide?

On July 24, 2023, Yunshang Yue jewelry team members went to Dujiangyan Shu Gong Cultural Center to carry out a brand exchange of fashion and traditional beauty with Yuhe time.

Yue on the Cloud & Yuhe Years

At the scene, brand representatives of both sides explained their brand products, brand stories, jewelry craftsmanship, and popular science knowledge of gems and jade. After the exchange, we can find that Yunshanyue and Yuhe have regional and cultural commonalities, which are the inheritance and expression of the great culture of the Chinese nation.

Yunshang Yue Jewelry is located in Diexi Town, the cultural center of Qiang nationality in Maoxian County, where there is a unique geological landscape Diexi Haizi, with a long and profound culture of ancient Shu silkworm cluster and primitive and simple Qiang ethnic customs.

Yuhe Liunian is located in Dujiangyan and is a brand under Shu Gong Culture. With many years of experience in the operation of high-end jewelry and cultural and creative products, we have followed the development idea based on local characteristics in product design and research, integrated local characteristic culture into product design, and created cultural and tourism products with characteristics and details.

The Yunshang Yue brand draws on the ancient Shu silkworm culture and the cultural heritage of the Qiang nationality, takes the new Chinese aesthetics as the core keynote, and the exquisite craftsmanship shows the aesthetic value of every crystal blue gem. It uses fashion jewelry to carry the cultural heritage and present a beautiful life to the public.

Yuhe's time is in line with the design tone of Yunshon Yue's brand inheritance. Drawing on the local ancient Shu civilization heritage, the main Chinese style, product meaning and product design tone around the Chinese traditional culture.

The difference between the two brand stories and the inheritance culture, the design and craft culture displayed by the products are different. However, gems and jade have their own charm and are worthy of our exploration and appreciation. In the future, Yunshon Yue and Yuhe Liu will carry out more brand exchanges and cooperation. Through professional precipitation and knowledge accumulation in the jewelry industry, they will serve more jewelry lovers and pass on the elegance and delicacy contained in fashion jewelry to everyone who loves life.

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