Come to Gem Town to experience fashion on the cloud


Some scenery can only be seen by Dian Xi;

Some fashion can only be experienced by Yue on the cloud;

The village in the clouds, the gem town in Diexi, the high mountains, the blue sky and the sea of clouds, we can enjoy the blooming flowers in front of the house and behind the house, the history and culture of the thousand-year-old town, the rock carvings of the Tang Dynasty, the magic turtle tour, Diexi Haizi, and the Geopark Museum.

Gem Culture and Art Center is also not to be missed

The shape of the center is trapezoidal gemstone, and the creativity of the upper and lower internal spaces comes from round gemstones. Step into the center to taste the gemstone culture and watch the birth journey from rough stone to jewelry.

Since the establishment of the Yunshangyue jewelry brand, it has skillfully integrated the style, emotion, elegance and refinement of the Qiang ethnic group, has its own unique jewelry aesthetic, emphasizes the research and innovation of gem cultivation, and has given birth to amazing fashion jewelry through the luxury and excellent inlay process created by science and technology.

Using precious ruby and sapphire as the main carrier, with precious metals, the style is fashionable and exquisite, which makes people fondle admiringly, so hurry to the gem town, you can not only go to mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, but also enjoy luxurious jewelry ~

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Yunshang Yue Gem

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