This year's hottest 5 group collocation, fashionable throughout the summer


Weather in April,

more and more clear and comfortable,

put on a layer of single clothes, single pants,

You can go out quickly.


The season of simple dress,

Leap forward to the world with a strong sense of spring,

Body and mind are infinitely free and carefree.




Be careful at this time,

If you don't put some thought into the collocation,

It's easy to look flat.


Let's share 5 practical and fashionable wearing formulas,

It can be used from spring to summer.




  Jacket Vest


Expose part of the skin,

and retained the curves of the vest,

Bring their own vitality breath,

It is a piece that can be worn from now until the end of summer.


put on a loose coat,

The body can stretch and relax,

One breath of skin,

They are not bound by clothing.


This set of matches can also be worn and taken off at any time,

or loosely draped in a suit,

There is a self-indulgent.



Remember the vest to fit close enough,

You can choose a collar, U-shaped collar,

Suits can be as loose as you like,

The outside is loose and the inside is tight to wear out a good figure.




  vest inside



It is also a single item that can be worn from now to summer,

Just add an inner ride,

A dark also appears to have layers and texture.



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